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Monthly Archive for October, 2006

Inspiration 2.0

Tonight, I read one of the most inspiring blog posts I have read to date, by Jeff at The Thinking Stick. In his post, 1 year and counting, Jeff talks about his personal learning journey this past year as a blogger. He talks with passion about how the connected world of edublogging has helped him grow. I too, have learned more this past year than I ever have before. But unlike Jeff, I haven’t written and reflected enough about that learning. I read so much that I don’t find much time to write. Writing, for me, is a laborious process, that feels like work. Also, as Steve Dembo expresses in his recent post, As a blogger, how do you define success?, sometimes I worry that what I say might not be always good for my career. So I procrastinate…really well. After reading Jeff’s post, I realize that I simply can’t put off writing any more. There’s no excuse. As Wesley Fryer, David Warlick, Will Richardson and others have said, learning is conversation. It’s time to learn and contribute.

Thank you, Jeff, for the inspiration and the very moving words. I, too, was in San Diego at the NECC conference, and had the pleasure to meet you and so many other bloggers that I so admire and respect at the edubloggers meetup. I was in awe. That is an occasion I will always fondly remember.

Jeff’s post, like many others I read about the incredible learning journey we are all experiencing, reminds me that our passion for how these new tools can be used in education makes it exciting times to live in, indeed.

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