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Monthly Archive for September, 2007

A few weeks ago, someone mentioned that Animoto was used to make a preview of the teasers for the upcoming K-12 Online Conference. Since then, many edubloggers have been playing with it. I like the one David Warlick made for the Edubloggercon at NECC in Atlanta last summer.

Therefore, after my recent field trip with 4th grade students to Wired’s NextFest a few weeks ago, I decided to take the pictures that me and my group of students took of the event and mix them up into a little Animoto movie. It was so easy!

First, I uploaded our pictures to a set on my Flickr account, then created an simple account on Animoto. Then, I used the very easy directions on Animoto for adding those pictures, selecting music from their collection, and creating my short, free video from the pictures. I could even select what images I wanted to have as featured images. Finally, I hit the create movie button, waited for about 15 minutes, and my movie was created. Voila!


(I tried to embed it, but my wordpress theme didn’t play nice with the embed code.)

I think Animoto has great potential for classroom use as a simple way to introduce concepts or to tack on to the beginning of a digital story or multimedia presentation. I saw that David Warlick did this with his recent video tutorial of Del.icio.us. He used the movie he made of Edubloggercon to introduce his video. Very cool. The Del.icio.us workshop was excellent too!

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I’ve published the latest edition to my newsletter blog at http://ld6.blogspot.com It contains news, events, professional development opportunities, grant resources, and some recommended tools for educators. It’s most useful for teachers in LAUSD.

At the bottom of the post, I added some pictures and a short reflection from my summer experiences at NECC and at the Teach the Teachers Collaborative. I used FlickrSlider to embed the photo slideshow. This tool allows you to embed slideshows from your tagged photos in Flickr. It’s very easy to use, and could be a great tool for classroom teachers.

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I’ve finally published Part 2 of my interview with Howard Johnston, a literacy coach at Corona Ave. Elementary School. He shares how he uses collaboration not only among his teachers, but how he is making connections with the neighboring primary center and middle school. His ideas for using technology to make connections are great. I really learn  a lot every time I visit with Howard. His school is very lucky to have him!

You can subscribe to the podcast here: http://district6.lausd.k12.ca.us/~edtech/

Interview with Howard Johnston, Part 2

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