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Monthly Archive for October, 2007

LMT’s and Web 2.0

Today, the Instructional Technology Facilitators will be meeting formally with the Library Media Teachers from our district. I’m so pleased that this long overdue connection is finally being made. I think we need to work closely together to provide authentic learning opportunities for our students. We will be breaking out to meet with the LMT’s from our local district. I’ve found out that there are about 15 Library Media Teachers in our local district. Our charge is to begin the conversation about emerging tools in the world of digital literacy. They WANT to learn about web 2.0 tools. I brainstormed a very large list of items that might be important starting points to talk about. A few others contributed some ideas as well. It was too much information, and overwhelming for some of those who weren’t familiar with these concepts. Still, it was a great way to bring my thoughts together.

Since we only have 30 minutes and no internet connection, it’s better to keep it at the conversation level. It will be a good time to introduce ourselves, and just talk. However, I was thinking of showing one video as a point for conversation. Which one? Do I show Karl Fisch’s Did You Know? or Darren Draper’s Pay Attention. How about Cisco’s Human Network or Wesch’s The Machine is US. I was even thinking about showing the Encyclopedia of Life video. I might even show a portion of the recent K12 Online PreConference Presentation by David Warlick.

Sigh. So many choices and so little time to decide. What will guide the conversation in the right way? I guess I’ll decide on the drive there.

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