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Monthly Archive for December, 2007

There’s a whole world of learning out there that lately I haven’t had much time to tap into. I’ve been “teaching” classes lately -after work, and there are only so many hours in the day. Some of those hours need to be spent with the family. It is exciting to share my learning with others about the connections I’ve made in the Web 2.0 world, and it’s so rewarding when you see some get started…but I need a break so I can do some learning on my own. I want to share all my learning with others, but there seems to be a paradox there. When I’m formally facilitating courses, I don’t have much time left to learn myself. I look forward to the next few months. I’ve decided not to teach any extra courses until after February. I need the break. I think instead, I’ll try to blog about what I’m learning and share my learning that way.

I’m always in awe of those in my personal learning network. They work all day at their day jobs, and still somehow keep up with their personal learning. For instance, I think of those that make up the writing team at the TechLearning blog. Absolutely every one of them is outstanding in their depth and breadth. They do their day jobs, teach extra courses, and still find time to write quality articles and share their learning in so many ways. Congratulations to them for receiving the well deserved award as the best group blog at the Edublog awards.
It’s humbling to surround yourself with so many smart people who have the energy and passion to make a difference. The Tech Learning group of writers are just a few of the hundreds of very smart people I surround myself with by subscribing to their blogs, seeing their tweets in twitter, marveling at what they bookmark and podcast or webcast or ustream or voicethread or capture in images or video or …teach and share with the world. I’m so thankful that I have found this network of educators with whom I share a passion for learning. I look forward to the next few months.

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