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Monthly Archive for April, 2008

Last week at InfoTech, LAUSD’s student led technology conference, I offered a workshop on Web 2.0 tools in the classroom to a roaring crowd of 6 people. (I think we either need to only offer student presentations, or find a way to free up teachers so they can attend the workshops offered.)

I focused on building professional learning networks in my presentation, because I think that’s where most educators need to begin. I know that’s the way I began; reading and commenting on a few blogs, listening to a few podcasts, and growing my network of smartness by tapping into people that were referenced on those blogs and podcasts.

Nowadays, educators have so many options in the way they can connect with others, that it’s at once wonderful and overwhelming. My advice to my attendees? Sample some of them and choose one that works for you. Learn that one tool, play with it, use it. Then move on to something else. Don’t feel obligated to do it all at once.

With that, here is the wiki page I shared with my participants:


I’ve had this wiki for almost two years. It’s where I have gathered all my learning on Web 2.0. I’ve updated the front page. The rest is in dire need of updating….

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